Jessica Wayne Photography         

Self Taught, Natural Light Photographer

Always Learning, Always Growing

To go to school or not to go to school for photography? That is the ultimate question. 

I am a self taught, natural light photographer. I started my photography journey when I was pregnant with my second child in 2013. I now have 3 children, all boys. BOY MOM HERE! I wanted to be able to take “better” pictures of my children and so I bought a kit camera that came with 2 lenses. Little did I know that this journey would lead me into owning a photography business. I have always loved photography and taking pictures. I would take hundreds of pictures when I was a little girl. I loved my grandpa’s polaroid camera that made instant photos! I mean how cool was that?!?! So it does make sense that my love of photography has grown into something more, but I never expected to be an entrepreneur. I’ve never even taken a business class and now I am a business owner!!

Now, I don’t really now how to answer the question on whether or not photographers should go to school. And really I don’t feel like I am the person to provide an answer to that. I don’t think anyone can really provide that answer. I think there are always pros and cons to everything. I think it really depends on the person. I am a self taught photographer, however, I have taken some online classes and I am always researching and learning everyday. You tube videos, anyone?!?!?! I recently took an in person newborn and maternity workshop in the twin cities and I learned soooo much! I think I learned two years of information in one day. So, I think as photographers and entrepreneurs we are constantly learning and  growing and striving to make our business and products be the best they can be. Again, I am a natural light photographer, but I did use studio lights for the very first time at the newborn and maternity workshop and that was an amazing experience. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and my business.