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Raising 3 Boys on a Farm


Raising 3 boys, to be respectful, kind, hardworking gentlemen…is HARD work! I am so lucky God picked me to be these boys’ mom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! But there are days, lots of them, that I wonder if I am doing “it” right. We live in the country, on a farm and farm life is amazing for raising children, especially boys. However, I don’t have any girls to compare my boys to. 🙂 haha. It is so important to me to make sure I tell my boys every single day how much they are loved and valued.  My 3 boys are different and also a lot alike. They each have a different personality and I always want them to know that I value their unique personalities and differences and also their similarities. 



My boys play in dirt and sand ALL DAY LONG. We have a large sandbox under their swing set in our yard and that is one of their favorite places to play. Along with our huge skid steer made piles of dirt and in the empty bean fields during the winter! People always say, there’s no harm in getting a little dirty. But, I think my boys  have taken “getting dirty” to a whole new level. And I think they have probably eaten their fair share of dirt and probably some, um…poop too…too much information Sorry! These three youngsters play hard and work hard. Raising a family on a farm is amazing. There is sooo much to learn on a farm. From raising Chickens + bottle feeding calves when their mothers can’t nurse them, to what type of soil is best to grow corn in. Every day on the farm there is something going on. There are times when I chase cows on the 4 wheeler back into the pasture, in my church clothes! Or chasing the pigs back into their pens, in my work scrubs. (I’m a nurse and a photographer). The chickens roam all over the yard and the cats are always up for a scratch on their chins. Farm life is amazing, crazy, loooooong hours + freeing.

Here, (during our family photo session) are my three boys, asking their daddy to show them how many bean pods are on the bean plants. Oh, and some pop up corn, (that’s not supposed to be there!) in the bean field. There’s something enticing about the country air. And no, its not the smell of cow manure, I mean, yes, the air does smell like that, but the air feels so much more free + open in the country. One of my favorite things to do is to look out my bedroom windows at night and look at all the bright stars in the sky.  They twinkle and shine from high above. And in that moment I know God is watching over us all. HE is keeping us all safe on the farm. Speaking of the farm, if you have any questions about farming, you can ask my oldest son, Remy. He knows pretty much EVERYTHING there is to know about farming. He knows WAY more than me… in the farming area that is. haha 🙂



Remy has always been a daddy’s boy. When Remy was a baby, I was in my last semester of nursing school and my husband would take Remy in the Combine and farm all day long. My husband, Jason, even had a bottle warmer plugged into his combine! Now, that is dedication. We had an extra infant car seat that Jason mounted up in the second combine seat. Rem was always daddy’s co-rider. And that is still where you will find Remy, during the summer or winter break, being a farmer. (If he isn’t on his skates on the ice rink, playing hockey.) Every day, Remy asks what he can work on, he LOVES to work. Seriously!

Bryson, our middle son, is in a lot of ways, opposite of Remy. Bryson is definitely a Momma’s boy, and boy do I LOVE that! Remy was always with daddy and Bryson, at the time, the baby, went with mommy. When Bryson was 2 1/2 weeks old, he became severely sick with RSV and we almost lost him. Since that time, he hasn’t left my side. Bryson has a heart of gold and LOVES to help me with my photo sessions. 🙂 He loves babies and loves to interact with my littlest clients to get them to smile and laugh. Bryson is loving being in Kindergarten and wants to read and learn EVERYTHING. (Again, a little opposite of Remy..Haha. )

Oh, and then there is Colton, “The baby”. He is such a snuggle bug and he loves YouTube. 😉 (I’m a little embarrassed to admit that). Trust me, first child, never watched YouTube or tv…by the third child…well, he is addicted! Whoops. Colton loves to ride in the Skid Steer and help feed the cattle and help daddy.  He loves going to hockey, to watch his brothers play and also so he can watch YouTube. And while Remy is a daddy’s boy and Bryson is a total momma’s boy, Colton is pretty much in the middle 🙂

My number one priority is to make sure my boys are raised to be respectful young men. Teaching our children to be respectful, hardworking and kind is such an important part of being a parent. There is a phrase I use daily with my boys, “Kindness Matters.” Two words, that mean so much. SO MUCH. You can never be too kind and you can never teach your children enough about being kind and why it matters. Everyone is fighting a battle, some battles you can see, but most you can’t. No matter what, Kindness Matters.

But let me tell you…there are times, and  LOTS of them, that I feel like I am failing as a mom. There are days when I don’t know if I am doing “it” right. This whole parenting thing is hard. I want to raise my boys right. I know there are days when I mess up but I feel like no matter what, I try to provide a loving and nurturing home. My hope is that my boys always know that I am here for them and that I will love them no matter what. I will always support them and try to teach them right from wrong.  Even though, there are times, like the photo below, when I just throw my hands up in the air and…laugh…. or cry… but mostly I laugh. (Maybe that is more to do with the fact that I am not a crier! So if you see me crying, you know something is really wrong!) 😉  Even in this moment of me wanting to throw in the towel on our family photos on the farm, there is Remy helping his little brother. 🙂  And Bryson, climbing up the tractor hood. Be still my heart.

I really feel like it takes a village to raise a family. SO…let’s all be a village to one another and help raise our children with admirable values and with kind hearts. 


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