There was a lot of love, smiles and a little bit of drooling during Piper and Olive’s session.





Piper turned 6 months old! She is sitting up, chewing on most things and has BIG smiles! She liked crawling towards me and away from me. Piper’s big sister, Olive came to have her photos taken too. Olive was a little more on the reserved side and Piper was a little more rambunctious…like my boys!  Olive sat like a proper little lady on my little vintage chair and had the sweetest smiles for me. Olive and Piper each rocked their adorable little headbands for their session.

Grandma was in town babysitting, so we snapped a few pictures with Grandma and Mommy too. I love when parents and grandparents are included in the photo shoot. These images are memories and they are your legacy that you will leave behind. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look back on their baby pictures when they are older and see photos of their mom and grandma too!