Jessica Wayne Photography:

Now offering prints, canvases, metals, wood products and MORE!

I am excited to share with you, that I am now offering Prints + Products! Allow me to help you with my expertise on placement in your home, as well as gifts for family and friends. Digital images will still be available as an option.

 I am so happy that after debating doing this for a couple years, I am finally biting the bullet and ordered lots of fun samples to share with you. This came after a lot of thinking and throwing ideas around about how I can best serve you! I want to be honest with you. I want to continue to be in business in the future. I want to be around to take your child’s photos in 1, 2 and 5 years from now. To do that, I needed to offer more in the way of my business. However, my main concern is to still be able to offer my services to everyone who wants to hire me as their family photographer! Another one of my reasons for switching to offering products is that my heart started to break when I realized that not everyone who has hired me as their photographer has ordered their prints + canvases, etc. Did you know that CDs, Thumb drives, jump drives and even digital files of your images can all fail? Yes, CDs can get scratched and files can become corrupt. I always keep a backup of your images, however these can become corrupt or the cloud can fail! I understand that you all are very busy! But…this means that your images may not always be accessible in the future when you are able to get around to developing the images. So, I want you to have prints + canvases + other really cool products that I will be offering! There are so many amazing products out there that I am so happy to be able to provide this service. I would love to help you decide what will look best in your bedroom, living room, dining room, nursery or cabin! Want gifts for your family?!?! I’ve got you covered!

Jessica Wayne Photography         

Self Taught, Natural Light Photographer

Always Learning, Always Growing

To go to school or not to go to school for photography? That is the ultimate question. 

I am a self taught, natural light photographer. I started my photography journey when I was pregnant with my second child in 2013. I now have 3 children, all boys. BOY MOM HERE! I wanted to be able to take “better” pictures of my children and so I bought a kit camera that came with 2 lenses. Little did I know that this journey would lead me into owning a photography business. I have always loved photography and taking pictures. I would take hundreds of pictures when I was a little girl. I loved my grandpa’s polaroid camera that made instant photos! I mean how cool was that?!?! So it does make sense that my love of photography has grown into something more, but I never expected to be an entrepreneur. I’ve never even taken a business class and now I am a business owner!!

Now, I don’t really now how to answer the question on whether or not photographers should go to school. And really I don’t feel like I am the person to provide an answer to that. I don’t think anyone can really provide that answer. I think there are always pros and cons to everything. I think it really depends on the person. I am a self taught photographer, however, I have taken some online classes and I am always researching and learning everyday. You tube videos, anyone?!?!?! I recently took an in person newborn and maternity workshop in the twin cities and I learned soooo much! I think I learned two years of information in one day. So, I think as photographers and entrepreneurs we are constantly learning and  growing and striving to make our business and products be the best they can be. Again, I am a natural light photographer, but I did use studio lights for the very first time at the newborn and maternity workshop and that was an amazing experience. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and my business.