Why Choose Jessica Wayne Photography?

My First Blog Post!

Hello there! I am Jessica, Photographer and Designer of Jessica Wayne Photography. I am so excited that you found my first Blog Post! I hope you enjoy it! So, lets dive right in.

I started Jessica Wayne Photography (JWP) right after my second son was born in 2013. I now have 3 amazing sons! I started out like many other photographers who just wanted a “nicer camera” to take better pictures of their own kids. I never expected my love for photography to turn into a full blown business! But I am so happy it did! I love, love, LOVE all things photography related.  Especially pregnancy and newborn/baby related!

I live in the country, on a farm, yes we have pigs, chickens, cows and cats!  I live in a small community of about 15,000 people. I am a small town girl with a big heart! I am a part time photographer and I am also a part time Registered Nurse. I love helping people and I believe kindness goes a looooong way!

So, Why Choose Jessica Wayne Photography as your photographer…


~ Safety is my top priority! I am a nurse by trade, I was also a labor and delivery nurse, so I know how to handle newborns and babies of all ages safely! I will never risk a baby’s safety just to get a shot. If I need to do a composite of two images to get a great photo of a position that I can not safely do with one image, that is what I will do. Also, I never make promises to provide a specific pose of your newborn. Not all newborns tolerate all of the poses I try to put them in. I will follow the lead of your baby and I know when to change to a different pose.
~Efficiency! I am a very motivated and hardworking gal. Heck, I work two jobs and am raising 3 little boys AND my husband is a farmer (he works looooong hours). But know that I want to get your images edited and back to you as soon as possible! There are many times when I shoot a session and my clients have the completely edited images in their email box the next day. You can’t get that anywhere else! I never make promises I can’t keep, so I tell my clients they will have their photos within 2 weeks and bam, there they are the next day! WOW.
~ I strive to provide quality images that can be turned into pieces of art that you will cherish for years to come. These photographs are not just for you. They are for your family to look back on in 30 or 40 years. Your great grandchildren will look at these photographs and pieces of art. Children often will look at their relatives in photos to see who they look like, who they get their eyes and ears and nose from. I always include parents and siblings in my sessions! In fact, I encourage parents and grandparents to be in the photos. Your great grandchildren will not care or even notice if you didn’t lose all of your baby weight or you have a few too many split ends! 🙂
~I understand that you are placing your trust in me. You have handpicked me to be your family photographer and I am blessed for that. Photography is my area of expertise and I want you to put all of your trust in me to capture some wonderful memories of you and your family and of your newborn. Again, these images will be passed down to the next generations. I recognize that and I will always put forth my best effort to give you beautiful and high quality images.

So…what are you waiting for? Message me, I would LOVE to chat with you!